Please join our Product Training Program to become the expert you need to be for the best possible performance you and your team can be capable of. 

As requested by distributors and customers alike, and in sync with our own company goals, we at The Carlstar Group constructed a knowledge base for our distributors to attain all the skills and knowledge related to our company’s products.
The initial target for the training program is our customers’ distributor sales teams, dealer store associates and sales teams. The main goals for the training are the following:

  • Drive sales growth
  • Increase selling confidence
  • Know where to go for answers
  • Consumer research insights
  • Reinforce product messages

The Product Training Program features many easyaccess highlights that can make the training easy to organize, informative and enjoyable for your attenders:

  • Online Access: A web-based, responsive design
  • Turnkey Delivery: No special software to download
  • Multimedia: Combination of text, image and video content
  • Registration: Login and tracking completion
  • Progress Tracking: Restart where you left off, no time limit, section quizzes for self-monitoring
  • Certificates of Completion: Certifications emailed after completion
  • Reporting: Enrollments, completions, progress
  • Feedback: In-course assessment tools, surveys

The Product Training program features numerous courses, all dedicated to different fields and knowledge bases. Our currently available courses are:

  • Carlstar Overview
  • Carlisle – High Speed Trailer
  • Carlisle – Radial Trail HD
  • Cragar – Styled Wheels
  • ITP – Powersports
  • Carlisle – Powersports

As new courses are requested and completed we will add to this ever-developing training platform.
On your end, this is completely automatic. A few of our currently planned courses are:

  • Carlisle – Ag/Construction
  • Carlisle – OPE (Lawn & Garden)