AT489 II

The AT 489 II is the new generationof the original AT 489. It feautres dependable performance for a wide range of terrain conditions. Made in the USA. find a distributor
Size Product Code Ply Max Load Capacity (kg @ 80km/h) Max kPa
AT26X8-14 560565 3* 161 48
AT26X10-14 560568 3* 195 48
27X11.00-12** 6P0372 6 399 234
27X9.00-12 NHS** 6P0371 6 336 221
ATV and NHS tires are Non-Highway Service Tires. „AT” tires are designed for ATV applications. „NHS” tires are designed for Utility Vehicle applications.* NOTE: „AT” tires are Star Rated. „NHS” tires are Ply Rated (PR). ** Max load @ 120 km/h.